“I was really impressed with Amber’s enthusiasm, clerical skills and professional demeanor when she joined our team 5 years ago…Dedicated and meticulous, Amber has the ability to manage the administrative and clerical tasks efficiently.  Some of her key strengths include:

  • Key person in handling all in house and external audits.  Ensures all schedules are met, action items are compiled and verifies all corrective actions.  Her accounting background has proven to be beneficial in all areas that she has touched.
  • Highly skilled in organizing and preparing correspondence, including technical instructional processes (forms, diagrams, presentations, applications, and other documents).
  • Demonstrated ability to efficiently respond to telephonic and personal inquiries.
  • Skilled in calibrating precision equipment and working specialized software to monitor and track all scheduled inspections

In addition, Amber multitasks effectively, and is able to successfully handle a high-volume workload.”  -David Habka


“I am writing to recommend Amber Crowe….she
proved to be a great leader.  Amber has an associate degree in accounting and is proficient in many computer programs including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.  I believe Amber would be a tremendous asset and I recommend her to you without reservation.”  – Teresa Patridge


I had the pleasure of working with Amber….She was highly organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever was needed to get a particular task finished. Because there were often last-minute deadlines, her cooperative attitude and good cheer were important and appreciated. Although her primary duties were administrative, she also took a lead role during external quality systems audits – displaying a high level of communication skills and attention to detail.

Amber deserves serious consideration as a potential employee, and I recommend her highly. She would be a valuable asset for any organization fortunate enough to have her.”  –Jason Miller




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